Environmental, Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance Report

We understand the vital role we play in leading and setting an example regarding ESG factors in our industry. We are proud of our progress so far and remain excited about the opportunities ahead of us. You can read our current and past ESG Reports on the Investor Relations page under ESG Reports.

Our Commitment to Integrity in Business
MRC Global Ethics Hotline

MRC Global Inc and its subsidiaries (“MRC Global” or “the Company”) is committed to the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior in carrying out its worldwide business activities. The Company strives to comply with its Code of Ethics, its compliance policies (including, but not limited to its Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy) and applicable law in all of its activities and operations on a worldwide basis. The Company relies on the good judgment and high standards of its directors, officers, and employees as the principal guide to ethical conduct.

If you are aware of any breaches of ethical conduct, or have any concerns, you may report the matter to The Network. All reports will be taken seriously. Details of how to make a report are set out below.

Anonymous reports may be made to The Network, MRC Global's independent third party, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Examples of Ethics Violations may include but are not limited to: accounting/audit irregularities, conflicts of interest, discrimination, falsification of company records, fraud (including fraudulent insurance claims), kickbacks, harassment in any form, safety and environmental issues, release of proprietary information, theft (of goods, services, time and/or money), workplace threats or violence, inappropriate business conduct, reasonable suspicion of substance abuse, other unsafe, illegal or unethical behavior.


MRC Global Ethics Hotline – Contact Details

Submit a Report Online

The Network Attn: MRC Global
333 Research Court
Norcross, GA 30092

Callers within the United States and Canada
Submit a Report through a Toll Free Number - North America Dial 1-888-601-3911. 

Callers outside the United States and Canada
Submit a Report through a Toll Free Number - International

  1. Dial the appropriate number from the list below:
    Country Toll Free Language
    Australia 1-800-881-011 English
    Belgium 0-800-100-10 Dutch
      0-805-701-288 French
    China 10-811 Mandrin
    Finland 0-800-11-0015 Finnish
    France 0-800-99-0011  French
    Germany 0-800-225-5288 German
    Italy 800-172-444 Italian
    Kazakhstan 8^800-121-4321 Kazakh
    Netherlands 0800-022-9111 Dutch
    New Zealand 000-911 English
    Norway 800-190-11 Norwegian
    Singapore 800-011-1111 Mandrin
    South Korea 0-809-080-968 Korean
    Sweden 020-799-111 Swedish
    Thailand 1-800-0001-33 Thai
    UAE 0-800-121 Arabic
    UK 0-800-89-0011 English
  2. When prompted, dial 866-203-3223. You will be connected to The Network.

  3. Hold for an operator from The Network. If you do not speak English, an interpreter will join the call.


Our Compliance/Business Integrity Policies